Gone to the Dog: Pencil

imageA semi-regular feature in which I spotlight household items that were stolen, chewed, and destroyed by our asshole dog, Huck.


Here we have a standard No. 2 pencil my English teacher husband had been using to grade papers. I’m not sure if the pencil fell on the floor or if the dog swiped it from a table, but I found the asshole under our bed chewing the eraser amid a pile of lead and wood shards.

Is pencil lead toxic to dogs? I have no idea, but it’s been several hours since he ingested it and he’s running around like a lunatic, barking incessantly, and harassing our other dog. So, yeah, business as usual.


Author: krosin

Kate Rosin, a freelance writer and editor, lives outside Philadelphia with her husband, two daughters, two dogs, and the occasional foster child.

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